Welcome to my Louvre.


I am giving it away to you, even if, like me, you are likely to be utterly confused. Anyway, that's it: Le Louvre has refused my paintings !!!

You see! I warned you. I reckon that you are absolutely amazed, filled with legitimate incomprehension, all your aesthetic and cultural references being thrown upside down.

Having recovered from the shock and refusing to let myself be demoralized, I overcame this painful narcissistic wound by listening to a soft voice gradually rising into a cry: "If you don't go to The Louvre, The Louvre will come to you!". So I decided to create my imaginary museum, and to design with pixel marble my narcissistic virtual Louvre.

Welcome, foreign visitor. From the shelter of your cocoon, click your way along the galleries of my Louvre museum. Enter those cosy rooms where, undisturbed by a deluge of camera flashes, you can indulge yourself in the pleasure of solitary contemplation.

Michel Barthélemy





© "My Louvre" - Michel Barthélemy